Logical  Fallacy: a error in reasoning
  (adj)     (noun)

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#277 What to cum (2) 2
  Ad Hominem 5.19.21

#178 I don't like this web site because it runs down the mil... (2) 5
  Ad Hominem, Appeal to Authority, Appeal to Tradition, Burden of Proof, Red Herring 10.2.19

#81 I think, therefore I am. (4) 4
  Appeal to Common Practice, Appeal to Fear, Burden of Proof, Confusing Cause and Effect, Guilt by Association, Ignoring a Common Cause 10.2.19

#230 "An atom is composed of a nucleus which contains proton... (1) 2
  Appeal to Authority 10.2.19

#143 People who own wide screen televisions are not poor and... (1) 1
  Hasty Generalization 10.2.19

#172 We had the 60s sexual revolution, and now people are dy... (1) 2
  Ignoring a Common Cause 10.2.19

#222 Mom! Mom! Look the TV guy said that this computer is th... (1) 1
  Appeal to Novelty 8.13.18

#83 If it was truly dangerous, they'd have ski patrol keepi... (1) 1
  Slippery Slope 1.8.18

#33 Yet today's achievement is a testament to the greatness... (1) 2
  Appeal to Emotion, Appeal to Novelty 9.6.16

#35 Let us remember that we can do this things not just bec... (1) 2
  Appeal to Belief, Appeal to Emotion, Appeal to Flattery 8.11.16

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#o58 "You cannot prove that God does not exist, so He does." (1) 1
  Burden of Proof 4.27.22

#o14 At one time, most people in Europe believed that the ea... (1) 1
  Appeal to Belief 8.11.19

#o1 Bill: "I believe that abortion is morally wrong." Dave... (1) 3
  Ad Hominem 5.29.17

#o56 Bill: "I think that we should invest more money in expa... (1) 2
  Burden of Proof 8.11.16

#o137 Bill and Jill are married. Both Bill and Jill have put ... (1) 2
  Special Pleading 5.5.15

#o2 John: "Sally was saying that people shouldn't hunt anim... (0) 0
  Ad Hominem none

#o3 Bill: "Smoking is very unhealthy and leads to all sorts... (0) 0
  Ad Hominem Tu Quoque none

#o5 Peter: "Based on the arguments I have presented, it is ... (0) 0
  Ad Hominem Tu Quoque none

#o6 God must exist! If God did not exist, then all basis fo... (0) 0
  Appeal to the Consequences of a Belief none

#o8 I don't think that there will be a nuclear war. If I be... (0) 0
  Appeal to the Consequences of a Belief none

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