Logical  Fallacy: a error in reasoning
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This little logical game site is still in beta testing, so now is an extra good time to provide your feedback. How could this site create more value for you and help to the world? I've started with a few specific questions for beta players below. In addition to this page as a great home for your feedback, you can also engage via the Don't Fallacy Me Bro Facebook Page. Thank you so much for participating and/or being an early adopter!

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Site suggestions ELO Rating and others
I suggest the site uses some metric, like Medium Response Time, or even ELO Rating, both for individual questions and individual players, so we can classify the most difficult questions not only by the category in which it fits in, but by scale. For those who are not familiar, ELO Rating is an statistic metric used to evaluate a chess players hability and, in some cases is used to evaluate a Tennis player hability. This website ChessTempo.com does that, but for chess tactics training. And also, the points should vary with the velocity of response.

2.27.20 14:09 by vsimoes
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I'm a tad tired and inebriated ;D looks although I'm not entirely certain that some of your questions and answers are necessarily correct, is this some link I'm missing on the individual pages to question individual Q&A's ?

1.8.15 16:55 by Dev
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Bugs? Errors?
Find any obvious bugs or errors with how the site works? Please share them, ideally with the browser and operating system being used, so I can fix them. Sorry I dislike Internet Explorer and haven't tested as much there yet. Thanks!

10.12.14 12:24 by wikiworldorder
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Game Function and Flow Naturally?
Does this game-play flow naturally for you? Did it take much time to find the groove of the game. Does the web site organization/structure need any tweaking for ease of use or clearer information?

10.5.14 15:29 by wikiworldorder
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More Fallacies Needed?
For simplicity and a consistent set of fallacy descriptions and examples, I created this site using LaBossiere's 42 Fallacies. I know there are much longer lists of fallacies around, but I like this ballpark for the purposes of this game's usability. That said, I would like to add a few more of other most common (and distinct) fallacies to the collection with similar descriptions and examples.

Does anyone have suggestions on which fallacies would be most valuable to add? Suggestions on other materials with good descriptions and sample statements?..more authorities I can appeal to?-)

10.4.14 10:20 by wikiworldorder
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Branding, Styles, & Graphics?
I have far less experience and skill in graphic design that in web development, and I've given my best attempt with this project but am open to suggestions and/or help. If you've got these skills and want to help me sex this game up more, please contact me. I have also considered creating a few different visual skins for the game, each accessed via its own domain, but all sharing the same databases and functionality. If you think this is a good idea that would enhance the reach and positive impact of this site, feel free to provide your ideas on this front too. Along these lines, I've been playing with a couple different splash pages, etc, to help promote the site later:

10.3.14 10:26 by wikiworldorder
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Discussions Tools OK?
I built my own little discussion engine for this and future games. Does it work well enough for our needs here? Any suggestions? Thanks!

10.3.14 10:07 by wikiworldorder
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