Logical  Fallacy: a error in reasoning
  (adj)     (noun)

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#144Bill: "Today I am going to win that slot machine" Jill: "Why do you say that?" Bill: "Because I have done it so many times and lost, I must win today!"
Gambler's Fallacy
Mr. Bean

#93You will raise money for children because you are awesome
Appeal to Flattery
Donald Rumsfeld

#92If you don't give me a hot fudge sunday I Will throw you in jail!
Appeal to Fear
Clinton Lying

#91If you don't give me money I'll cry!
Appeal to Pity
Bret Baier

#89Steve ate ice cream on Mars and a volcano erupted. So if he eats ice cream on Mars a volcano will erupt.
Post Hoc
Darth Sidious

#88If you don't give us $2000 children won't be educated, and puppies will die.
Appeal to Emotion
Colin Powell Anthrax

#87Yesterday Bill went to his friends house and ate an apple. Today it was raining, so if Bill eats an apple at his friends house it will rain.
Post Hoc
Obama Speech

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