Logical  Fallacy: a error in reasoning
  (adj)     (noun)

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#237Augusta: "I'm shocked! An illegal immigrant killed 10 children!" Lavinia: "What!? Where did you hear that?" Augusta: "A friend of mine linked a post on Facebook." Lavinia: "That's not a proper source, Augusta." Augusta: "But my friend is trustworthy! How could you doubt her?!"
Appeal to Authority

#236Jeff: "Vaccines saves tons of lives" Marie: "I have never seen lives saved by vaccines, so I don't believe it."
Relativist Fallacy

#235Mario: "They want to free that Mafia Godfather from prison and let him 'die in dignity'! I can't believe it!" Luigi: "Everyone should have the right to die in d-" Mario: "But he is a Godfather! He killed people! He wouldn't let you die in dignity!"
Two Wrongs Make a Right
David Rockefeller

#234Becky: "Have you heard an immigrant killed a young woman? We should kick out all immigrants from our country!"
Begging the Question
Bavarian General

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