Logical  Fallacy: a error in reasoning
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#137Private property rights are inalienable. You have them simply because you are a human being.
Begging the Question
Question Man 3

#136If you reject the non aggression principle then you cannot complain if somebody aggresses against you.... such as mugging you, setting fire to your house or stealing your car.
False Dilemma
Man Smoking Cigar

#135Who cares if you can show flaws in the official narrative. That's not the same as proving it wrong!
Burden of Proof
Bush Looks Left

#110Au contraire, mon ami. Read the US Constitution. Only God bestows inalienable rights. The right to defend oneself with arms from all enemies foreign and domestic is a moral imperative and cannot therefore be bestowed by any government. If it could, they could also remove such a right. Making an act legal by statute does not imbue it with any moral imperative, nor does it create or destroy any rights.
Appeal to Authority, Begging the Question

#108(We should all be free to own as many firearms of any type as we want because)... it's not any different than animals. They instinctually defend themselves when their well being is threatened. Try punching a leopard in the face and as he's tearing you to pieces, you can ask him why he thinks it's his right to defend himself.
Appeal to Tradition, Straw Man
Darth Sidious

#107Dude, shut the f*ck up already. You got smoked repeatedly and thoroughly and you're still yapping. ... People like you are the worst kind of idiot. You posture yourself as intelligent and oh so above it all and then proceed to say the stupidest, most asinine garbage, while patting yourself on the back for being so clever. You need to go back to the little kid's table because you are nowhere near ready to sit with the adults. Dumbass.
Ad Hominem, Appeal to Ridicule, Appeal to Spite, Personal Attack
Darth Sidious

#101"Aww, no no come on, don't give me that bullsh*t. You're a more intelligent man than that. There has NEVER BEEN A CONSPIRACY IN THIS COUNTRY."
Appeal to Flattery, Appeal to Ridicule, Begging the Question
Dewey Clarridge

#100"It's not right when another country lets our music, movies, and software be pirated."
Appeal to Belief, Begging the Question
Obama Pop Up

#99"Politicians act in corrupt ways, so the only thing we can do about it is to abolish government completely."
False Dilemma
Question Man 2

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