Logical  Fallacy: a error in reasoning
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#340Kim: Jenna, the only way to join our elite gang is to get jumped in or to get sexed in. The real gangsters who get jumped in get more respect than the tramps who choose sex. Jenna: I don't think I want to join, on second thought. Kim: Well, you don't have a choice. You can join us or you can catch a beat down everyday, so you need to tell me what the deal is.
Appeal to Authority, Appeal to Fear, Appeal to Tradition, False Dilemma, Peer Pressure

#339I need a new girlfriend, and my heart has your name written all over it.
Appeal to Emotion, Appeal to Flattery, Appeal to Novelty

#338If you think you're better than I am, you must've bumped your precious little head against something.
Appeal to Ridicule

#337I may have stolen a few things as a kid, but if you let my mother tell it, I was some type of big-time felon like she was as a child. She told me she spent a few years in juvenile detention growing up for stealing cars and breaking and entering. How can she cast blame on me. She's the real thief in the family. And a drunk.
Ad Hominem Tu Quoque, Circumstantial Ad Hominem

#336Tina is the poorest student in 8th grade. Since she is in my class, I must be one of the worst academically as well.
Fallacy of Composition

#335Donald Trump said that Coronavirus is disappearing and not that serious and Hydrocloroquine will cure it, so you don't need to follow epidemiologists and doctors.
Appeal to Authority, Hasty Generalization

#334A police woman to a person who hasn't been Mirandized: "Now, you can either tell me why you were standing by your neighbor's window or you can go to jail."
Appeal to Fear, False Dilemma

#333Shelia (whispering to her friends about the new girl Diana in the cafeteria): I wonder what her mother was thinking when she dressed her this morning...Probably, "Oh, you'll look cute as a button in that yellow sweater." Yeah, she's as cute as a button all right. As a cute as a missing button in that moth-eaten fluorescent madness. Isn't it ugly?!
Appeal to Emotion, Appeal to Ridicule, Peer Pressure, Personal Attack

#332When a Native American person, or an Indian or whatever, complains about stuff like, "Oh, I don't like you calling that football team the 'Redskins'," it gets on my nerves and they should shut up because they always want more of something.
Ad Hominem, Appeal to Ridicule, Biased Generalization, Genetic Fallacy, Hasty Generalization, Personal Attack

#331White people were cruel to minorities for hundreds of years; therefore, they are evil devils.
Ad Hominem, Appeal to Spite, Appeal to Tradition, Guilt by Association, Hasty Generalization, Personal Attack

#330I'm the parent and you will do what I say without talking back--or else. Just like my mother used to tell us, "I brought you into this world, and I can take you out;" the same applies to you.
Appeal to Authority, Appeal to Fear, Appeal to Tradition, Personal Attack

#329Donald Trump: "The only good Democrat is a dead Democrat."
Ad Hominem, Appeal to Emotion, Appeal to Fear, Appeal to Spite, Biased Generalization, Peer Pressure

#328People of Liwnioajsa! Our Senator eats bugs. Actual grubs and crickets and spiders! Yes! She goes to some sick store and adds those forest creatures to her food. And what's worse? She feeds them to her kids! You know who also ate that? Wild bushman. It's time for change and I can lead you better.
Ad Hominem, Appeal to Spite, Poisoning the Well

#326I'm not giving those homeless people any money. Goodness no. And you shouldn't either. They're all lowlife drunks and liars looking for their next bottle.
Ad Hominem, Appeal to Spite, Hasty Generalization, Peer Pressure

#325Morie: I think children should be able to smoke at 15 years old, since we live in stressful times. Jeanie: That's much too early. I think 17 should be better so that they can make more informed decisions. Morie: Well, why not 17? That way, they're more informed but not too stressed.
Middle Ground

#324MSNBC: “Do you believe in punishment for abortion – yes or no – as a principle?” Trump: “The answer is there has to be some form of punishment.” MSNBC: “For the woman?” Trump: “Yeah, there has to be some form.”
Appeal to Fear, Appeal to Tradition

#323Child: Mom, why can't I have another piece of chicken? Mother: Just be happy with what you have. There are poor people in some parts of the world who have nothing. Haven't you seen all the news stories of unfortunate children in South Europe and Oceania? Just be thankful.
Red Herring, Spotlight

#322You wanna talk about my sex life, you cheap slore? Let's not get into how many men you've ran through in YOUR life. What is it now? 300? Like the movie?! And besides, you're ugly. So let's just move on while you're ahead...
Ad Hominem Tu Quoque, Circumstantial Ad Hominem

#321I think that the sun is beautiful and attractive because it is a pulchritudinous body.
Begging the Question

#320If you bring home straight As, your dad and I will give you 10 dollars per A.
Appeal to Emotion

#319I don't like you, and I don't need a reason, because I just can't stand you, okay?
Begging the Question

#318My running mate was divorced 3 times, was arrested for loitering when he was a teenager, and even had an affair with a transsexual a few years ago. He's not fit to lead a marching band, much less this city. Anyway, I'll just let you vote with your conscience on July 2nd.
Poisoning the Well

#317Oh, what do Christians know about anything?! They believe in invisible hodgepodge and pray to nothing in the sky. Don't even let me get started...
Ad Hominem

#316Gay people like the same sex and many pedophiles are gay so if you are gay, you are probably a pedophile.
Hasty Generalization

#315Scientist Andrew Von Scree vociferously bellowed to his agnostic student, "God cannot exist because of everything that we are going through down here. Everyone with an IQ over 120 knows that! So, don't tell me God exists because you are ignoring all of the proof that he does not."
Appeal to Belief

#314You're so beautiful. And I always find your voice soothing. And, my goodness, when are you not wearing the coolest jackets! I was just wondering if I could borrow your Lalique cologne because you know everything about fashion!
Appeal to Flattery

#313Marjorie started throwing a morose temper tantrum in the mall, drawing attention from many shoppers. She stared at her mother angrily and yelled, "If I don't get those Nikes I will just die! You don't understand how they treat me in school because of my stupid shoes. Please, I have to get those Nikes because I just can't go on like this..." Her mother told Marjorie to keep it down and continued walking through the mall calmly.
Appeal to Pity

#312Children should be seen and not heard.
Appeal to Fear

#311John, Candice's husband, was watching the news one evening while his wife was working on a report for work. After a few minutes, John called out to Candice, "Oh my god, dear. The news reporter just said that a small boy was kidnapped in Texas; a little girl was shot in Arkansas; a woman was robbed in NYC and a couple was run down in California. The world is ending right now, and we have to build an underground bunker!"
Misleading Vividness

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