Logical  Fallacy: a error in reasoning
  (adj)     (noun)

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Agent Smith

Bavarian General

Boris & Natasha

Bret Baier

Brian Williams

Bush Looks Left


Clinton Lying

Colin Powell Anthrax

Darth Sidious

David Mayer de Rothschild

David Rockefeller

Donald Rumsfeld

French News Anchor

Futurama Fry

George H W Bush 1988

Group of Old Time Lawyers

Henry Kissinger

John D. Rockefeller

Katie Couric

Kid Sitting Outside

Liar Liar

LOTR Saruman

Man Smoking Cigar

Megyn Kelly

Miss South Carolina

Mr. Bean


Obama Laghing

Obama Pop Up

Obama Speech

Old Time Industrialist Smoking

Ollie North Swears


Question Man

Question Man 2

Question Man 3

Question Man 4

Question Man 5

Question Man 6

Question Man 7

Question Man 8

Robert Gibbs Scratch

Sheep in Field

True Blood Bill Creepin'

True Blood Eric

Wolf In Sheep's Clothing

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* Fallacious statements are usually paired with a random image of a person who never spoke those words.
This free site is for educational purposes, studying intellectual dishonesty. The images are being used under fair use. Sunflower by robstephaustrali.